Radio Play: Does It Still Matter?

Friday Oct 16

12:00-12:45 Piccadilly Room

For years, radio ruled the music world – if you wanted to get anywhere in this industry, you needed airplay on every radio station in the country.

In the age of Spotify, Rdio and other online streaming platforms, is radio play for an artist as important as it used to be? Have our listening habits changed to the point where radio doesn’t even matter anymore?

We’ll hear from some of Canada’s top radio professionals on this panel about radio play and if it is still important.

Who should attend this panel: Radio students, radio Djs, musicians, PR students


Andrea Morris (AM to FM Promotions)






Ryan Lalonde (The Wolf), Bob Willette (Virgin Radio), Dough Elliot (The Rock), Joe Chisholm (IndieCan)


Doug Elliot

Joe Chisholm